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Assault and DV Attorney Phil Weinberg has successfully defended thousands of clients accused of Fourth Degree Assault and all Felony Assault Charges (Assault 1, 2 and 3), both DV or non-DV in all King County courts for over 25 years. Always Tactful, Accessible and Persistent, I build a uniquely tailored defense for each client. Don’t settle for less - hire an attorney intensely dedicated to his profession and to protecting your rights, freedom and future. For the Winning Edge you Deserve - Call King County Assault Attorney Phil Weinberg Now!

Have you been charged with assault or arrested for a domestic violence charge? Are you accused of harming another person in public, or facing a DV charge of assaulting a spouse, significant other or family member? Get Help Now - I have a Proven Record of Success and will take Immediate Action on Your Behalf!

I look forward to reviewing your case in detail, and planning a stong defense strategy. I will work hard to achieve the very best outcome of your case. Most Cases Dismissed or Reduced. Don't Panic - Get Help Now.

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King County Assault Attorney Phil Weinberg
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I am NOT a former prosecutor, but a good criminal defense attorney does not have to be a former prosecutor to understand how both sides work or to win your case. In selecting a lawyer to represent and defend you, you will entrust your case and your future, the ability to keep your job, your right to travel, opportunities to advance in your career, to get housing, school acceptances, government benefits, your right under federal immigration law to avoid deportation, and your reputation to that lawyer. Call me if you want someone who will work hard, days, nights, weekends and will ‘live, eat and sleep’ your case to try to get it dismissed or reduced so you can put this difficult time behind you with dignity. I will take your calls after hours, on weekends and on holidays. I’ll go all out for your defense tenaciously against the prosecutors and the overwhelming power of the government with strategic prowess, intelligence and lots of old-fashioned hard work. Whether it’s pretrial motions, tough negotiation for a livable discreet plea deal, or trial with the gloves off, I am determined and dedicated to your cause. My legal research is of the highest quality and over three decades numerous judges have complemented legal writing. My oral arguments in court are forceful but tactful. Especially in Assault and DV cases – they treat you like a bad person and a menace, especially if it is a repeat offense or allegedly involved choking or a weapon. But many allegations of alleged victims are false, and it is my job to expose that to defend you.

I will take immediate, effective action to protect, reassure and defend you. If your case requires it, I also have a top-notch, experienced criminal defense private investigator on my team, ready to help me outmaneuver the prosecution and make prosecuting you more difficult for them. In the courtroom, your defense attorney will be your best and maybe your only friend. You don't want the stigma of a criminal record of being convicted of an assault or any DV charge that will make you look like a violent, dangerous and questionable person for the rest of your life. Criminal records are open to the public in Washington State and expungement here is exceedingly limited. After a period of law abiding behavior that depends upon the assault or DV conviction, you may be eligible for vacating your conviction - but it will still show on a criminal background search. So, the best approach is to hire an experienced, proven seasoned assault and DV attorney now to do all we can do, working together, to avoid conviction in the first place. Do not delay because all sorts of evidence we need is almost certainly disappearing day by day. Witnesses may need to be interviewed and other evidence demanded, preserved and obtained. Video is only available for so long and police and prosecutors do not always give the defense attorney all of the evidence, either. Delay will work to your disadvantage.

I look forward to discussing your matter with you. My reviews validate what I am saying here, and my work speaks for itself - a record of success. Put my 25+ years of successful experience and my unrelenting defense efforts on your side today. You can read a hundred other lawyers' websites, many written by non-lawyer legal content writers applying the Google algorithm and using sales pitches and manipulating key words to suck you in. You can educate yourself online to try to gather information, or you can take action. I offer a free 90-minute consultation will quickly figure out your best defense strategies. Almost all of my clients have told me that they felt much better after the initial consultation with me, but more importantly – they were happy when the case was over. You will never forget how hard I fought for you. I look forward to discussing your matter with you and meeting you. My reviews are excellent, and my work speaks for itself - a record of sustained success. Put my 25+ years of experience and my unrelenting defense efforts on your side today.

King County Assault Attorney | Seattle / Bellevue Defense Lawyer
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King County Assault Attorney Phil Weinberg

I have handled thousands of criminal defense cases in the past 25+ years. Your criminal defense attorney will be your best and perhaps your only friend in the courtroom. Start working with me ASAP on building your strongest defense strategies. I will aggressively challenge the prosecution’s allegations and relentlessly obtain evidence that will help your defense. Experienced, skilled and effective in helping clients through difficult times. Do YOU need real and effective help with your Assault, DV, DUI or other Criminal Charge?
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